Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My mother-in-law has suffered from chronic pain (given the name "Fibromyalgia") for many years. More recently, she has been experiencing heart palpitations that keep her up each night. She has been to multiple doctors and has had numerous tests done, none of which led to answers or treatments.
My sister-in-law came home one evening from a house fellowship where she was prayed over to receive the wisdom and understanding to heal her mom. Driving home, she realized that she was full of the Holy Spirit. When she arrived home, she took authority over the situation and with great power from the Spirit within her, she anointed her mom with oil. The next morning, her mom had confessed that her heart had never felt so calm, and she had gotten the best night's rest she'd had in years! On top of that, all of her pain was gone!
A couple days later my sister-in-law went to use that same bottle of anointing oil (the only bottle they had in the house) and she realized that the bottle was still sealed! Her mom distinctly remembers the smell and sensation of the oil being applied, and yet in the flesh, there was no oil. God is so amazing!

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