Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Divine Healing

This testimony was written by another member of the Freedom Ministries family. For more, please visit www.freedomministries.org

I had a slow-growing tumor on the right side of my back (between my shoulder blades) for several years. All the doctors told me it was a benign lipoma. It began to grow bigger. Within two weeks of noticing that, another tumor came up on the right side of my rib cage. An ultrasound showed the new one to likely be the lipoma, but the older one could not be characterized. Instead of doing a biopsy, I pushed for a surgical referral. After months of back and forth with Veterans Administration doctors, they just could not make a decision, yet the tumors got bigger. I asked to be anointed and to be prayed for at the House Fellowship. After that, two things immediately followed. First, a decision to do the surgery was reached (a miracle in itself). Second, when I went for surgery, the newer tumor had completely disappeared! It was just gone! They had two doctors look for it, neither could find it. Then, the one they removed was benign in appearance. I know it will be benign on the pathology report too because nothing is stronger than the power of God Himself! My fellow believers prayed and the prayers were answered! I give all glory to God!

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