Thursday, February 7, 2013

Healed by the Power of God

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I was scheduled for fairly serious dental surgery and they pretty well

knocked me out to do it. My wife drove me down, spent some shopping while I
was under, and then came back to drive me home. She has to tell the rest
because I don't remember much of it, just bits and pieces.
(My wife’s part) God's part:
When I got back to pick up my husband I was greeted by the doctor after 15 minutes
who brought me a bunch of prescriptions and said that they would be
monitoring him a little longer. (I had no idea this was even a serious
procedure. I went along to shop.) She said he was slow to wake up so I
settled in to read my current Oyedepo book appreciating the quiet time.
About 30 minutes later the receptionist told a waiting patient that they
were sorry for the wait and it would be a bit longer. She said they had
encountered a challenge they hadn't expected.
The light came on in my head. I suddenly was in a different mindset. This
is where the Holy Spirit began instructing me. I immediately knew the
challenge was my husband. I was taking inventory of what was with me. I had the
mantle and anointing oil. I had to find my husband. His timing is perfect! Right
then the Doctor emerged again to thank me for my patience and tell me his
numbers were not where they needed to be to release him. I told her I was
going back to him. They had put the receptionist beside him to watch the
numbers so there must have been a fair amount of concern. Not a problem.
That is not our portion. With authority I told her thank you I'd take over
and she left. I put the mantle on my sleeping husband , anointed him with oil
proclaiming perfect health and function in Jesus name. He immediately
awoke, took the mantle and put it on his head and began praying. The doctor
came in just a moment later and said "Oh, those numbers are what we are
looking for". Praise the Lord! He was in a wheel chair and out of there
within 5 minutes!

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