Saturday, February 9, 2013

Children putting their faith to work

This testimony was written by another member of the Freedom Ministries family. To see more, please go to

Our Family has 10 chickens. One of them was showing symptoms of having a digestion issue. When we purchased the chicks, we were told if this happened and didn’t clear up, it would die in one day. My five year old prayed over the chick, with such fire and passion, speaking the Word of the Lord over the chick. She ministered to me as she was praying.   Glory to God, our chick is fine! God is so good!
My Uncle was visiting and burned his thumb on the oven grate. He is not a believer and said that it would swell and blister. I said let me pray for it, so we did. When I saw him two days later, he expressed his amazement that the burn never hurt or blistered. Praise God

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